Another change in direction 

As you may have noticed I have been pretty quiet.  We are still alive!  I have just been preoccupied since April.  

I wrote a book.  

When I finished, I wrote a second book.

Right now I am going through the revision process.  It is brutal.  I changed two major characteristics of my leading lady and man.  It has forced me to rewrite almost every chapter.  

Right now I have a lovely group of friends alpha reading.  They help me make sure the plot holes are filled and that things make sense.  (Can I get a physics check, in chapter 5?) 

I have become a wordsmith now.  It is pretty amazing to be so close to achieving my childhood dream.  I am trying to figure out the whole publishing process as I complete my revisions. This will be the hard part.  I can either self publish and invest my own money in this, or try to get an agent to sell my book for me.  Rejection is scary.

For now I will try to rewrite two or three chapters a week and start back reading books that can help me with my own writing.  

High Fantasy, romance, mystery, and combat

If you know of any good steampunk books post those into the comments.  

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