Yearly Archives: 2016

I am crazy.  There I said it.  We decided to get a puppy.  Well my husband decided to get a puppy.  I decided to get a horse. Meet Lady Tazine Fluffington. We call her Taz.  She is a German Shepherd Dog, that is part Tanzanian Devil.  Atleast that is how […]

Puppy Love

Somehow Robert and I have kept this child alive for 10 years.   It’s been quite the ride!  Treb has the most amazing mind and the twisted sense of humor that makes him both a Flanigan and a Rose.   I won’t lie, we have had our rough times, because […]

We have a  Tween!

Sometimes after vacation I need another vacation just to get myself back to my normal routine.  This year’s vacation was a mix of truly amazing and just plan crappy. If you want to read about an amazing vacation with no complaints see this post by @bryndonovan. A bit of back […]

Back to reality

  It’s Friday again!  This week’s new friend is Robert Sharkbait Pruneda!  He is writes horror.  It’s not normally my thing, but I am exploring the darker side of the art.   He has been a voice of reason and motivation on Twitter; he promotes and encourages fellow writers.  He knows how […]

Sharky's Bait