WiR: April 17-23

This week was spring break for the boys.  We didn’t do much.  The boys worked on a new youtube video.  we still need to upload it.

I spent a lot of time sleeping and doing mental work; trying to figure out what is really important to me.  Honestly, the house being neat is important, but not exactly high on my list.  there are things that can be done to make the physical home more appealing, but my attitude is of higher importance.

As far as my writing, I hashed out 2 new ideas and got a start on of them.  It’s frustrating because I still have the Ari and Kaja stories in pieces and not getting any closer to completion.

I have been considering keeping a writing journal on this blog to share my progress.   I have been doing Periscopes with the dog and just talking about writing, too.

Taz, the puppy, is 10 months old and and around 75 pounds.  She has her own Instagram.  You should follow her.

I am reaching out to people in my circle on twitter getting help and giving love.  You should too.  They rock!








Thanks for reading.  If you would like to be interviewed, please contact me on Twitter.

There’s more to Prime

Last week a friend pointed out a great book I should get on Kindle.  She was super excited that a reference book was being offered free and it was useful to many writers.

It was news to me that it is free with my Amazon Prime membership. I really need to keep up with the perks they add to Prime.

Prime really is more than just free shipping.  (Disclosure:  I am an Amazone Affiliate, so some links to products pay me a small percentage, but I’m not being paid to write this post.  The money made offsets the $200 a year I spent on this site.) My favorite perks so far are Kindle first and Twitch Prime.

Kindle First

Pick from one of six pre-release titles.  The book is yours forever, not one that has to be returned.  Each of the 6 books will be in different genres.

Twitch Prime

Honestly,  I don’t personally use this one, but my husband was paying for Twitch premium.  Now he isn’t.  That makes him exceedingly happy.

If you like to watch pro gamers play, then this is for you.  The ads go away which can save you a huge amount on your data plan.

Amazon Video

Comcast was charging us $230 a month for internet, phone, and tv with premiums channels.  Over a year that was $2760 every year.  we dropped our internet speed and have basic cable now.  so any streaming service we can use, we do.  There are exclusive shows and they are now getting the premium channels for add-ons.

I want to try

Prime Reading

This one sounds kind of like Kindle Unlimited, only with fewer titles.  I’m going to give it a try for a month instead of Unlimited.  I would rather use that money for a subscription to Audible.

Do you have Amazon prime?  Is all this a surprise to you?  What are your favorite parts of Prime?  Did I miss something huge, again?

May the force be with you

It has been a long time since I have given my blog any love.  Today with the passing of a Star Wars Icon, I feel moved to share a few thoughts.  

I’d like to say my main characters are bad ass women that get the job done, but I’m not sure they fit that.  They definitely hate being helpless.  One I don’t talk much about is Kaja.  She is young, and has a mental disability.  Her life is a puzzle and as fast as she pieces it together pieces get lost again.  

My family went to see Rogue One Friday.  I had been trying to figure out how I broke the romance in Kaja’s story.  With out spoiling too much of the movie, I realized I had taken every bit of hope from her and left her with only survival.  She had nothing to live for and tossing a man at her was insulting.  Romance doesn’t fix everything.  

For two days I thought about how I could give her hope.  Last night I figured out how and sat down to begin this rewrite.  

I have been having trouble getting back to work this morning.  Princess Leia was one of the first female characters I ever wanted to be.    She was played by someone who was not super model gorgeous. Carrie Fisher was pretty awesome.  

If you watch Rogue One, the very last minute of the movie is what inspired me. 

 Thank you, Carrie Fisher. May the Force be with you.

Puppy Love

I am crazy.  There I said it.  We decided to get a puppy.  Well my husband decided to get a puppy.  I decided to get a horse.

Meet Lady Tazine Fluffington.

Taz on her first day with us.

We call her Taz.  She is a German Shepherd Dog, that is part Tanzanian Devil.  Atleast that is how I feel when she is trying to remove my arm.  With her teeth.

It’s kind of reaseearch for my books.  This is kind of how I imagine the wolf mounts in my books looking.  Robert won’t let me get a goat.

She is almost 30 pounds at 15 weeks.  I think she will be about 80-90 pounds.  Right now she is in puppy preschool and doing pretty well.  She has not earned free run of the house even when I am home because she tends to go off alone.  Soon!  She has been sneaking away for naps this week.  

Follow my instagram account for more pictures of the puppy. 

As far as our routine, Taz is forcing me to change how I do things.  I either tie her up where she can hang out but won’t get stepped on, put her out on her run to play, or put her in the crate.  I can’t wait until she stops stealing socks and shoes while the kids are getting dressed.   She also scent marks the upstairs hall when she goes up there.  

Once we are ready to go if it’s not raining Taz and I walk the boys to school the go for at least a mile walk. German Shepherd dogs need around 2 hours of exercise through out the day.  

German Shepherd dogs are notorious for chewing as puppies and tgey are extremely intelligent.  First, they need to be trained especially if they are nipping, and mouthing at people.  Second, chewing can be a sign of anxiety, and if they are not getting exercise, tgey can become anxious.  Third, if the dog is chewing and not housebroken, letting the dog wander off is just crazy!

After the morning walk, she is just done.

Tizzy-Taz is mostly housebroken, and she knows several useful commands.

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Leave it
  • Let’s go
  • Come
  • Here
  • Watch me

Do you have a dog?  Share links to your pup’s pictures! 

We have a  Tween!

Somehow Robert and I have kept this child alive for 10 years.   It’s been quite the ride!  Treb has the most amazing mind and the twisted sense of humor that makes him both a Flanigan and a Rose.  

I won’t lie, we have had our rough times, because we are so much alike.  He is my “mini me”.  When he opens his mouth and my words come out.  

This is a rare year that school hasn’t started before his birthday.  He is already in the mindset to have the mature birthday.  Low key.  Pizza and a cake. We have a tween!

Do you have advice for a 10 year old?  Or the parent of a tween?

Back to reality

Sometimes after vacation I need another vacation just to get myself back to my normal routine.  This year’s vacation was a mix of truly amazing and just plan crappy.

If you want to read about an amazing vacation with no complaints see this post by @bryndonovan.

A bit of back ground:  I don’t travel well at all.  Every trip in the car tests my knowledge of traffic rules and reaction time.  A day of running errands is rarely uneventful.  Cross-country trips usually just leave me unconscious from anxiety.

This year I was determined to have an awesome vacation and go somewhere I have never been.  I enlisted the help of my sister inlaw Tracy.  She is awesome.  She is a great traveler.  We rented a lovely beach house on Tybee Island, Georgia.  We had 2 couples, 4 kids, and my parents with us.  

Everything went with out a hitch.  The drive was uneventful.  None of the usual bodily fluid crisis we usually have on this trip.  Previously we had torrential bloody noses or car sickness from the oldest.

Tuesday we went on a tour to find dolphins as a birthday gift to my oldest niece.  Wednesday we went to the beach.  Amazing.  I was horribly hungover but it was still fun to be in the waves.  The water was so warm.

When we go home I had that nagging feeling that something was not right and texted the friend that was feeding the guinea pig.  

Our second car was stolen.  I spent the rest of my day calling the police and worrying.  The trip was still pleasant.  My husband and I worked on our relationship while we had the time.  Sunrise and sunset walks.  We went to see Fort Pulaski. We visited the beach again to play in the waves.  

Then we woke up late the morning of our departure.  We managed to leave on time for our 16 hour drive and we were all ready to get home.  We got to Atlanta, 3 hours into our trip, and we were rear ended.  

I waited until we knew every one in the 4 cars behind us were unharmed, before I wailed, “I just want to go home.” In my head, I dropped to my knees and clasped my hands over my face.  In reality, I blinked back my tears and walked away from the driver that was behind us.  

A few hours later we found out our Escort was recovered.  At this time I only know the steering column was torn out.  Our SUV needs over $2800 in repairs.  This is why we have insurance.  State Farm has been amazing.  They reached out to me on twitter when I was lamenting my bad fortune, and made my day a little brighter. 

So we had the best and worst vacation ever.  We won’t be traveling for a while.  My sister inlaw kinda understands now that I am not being dramatic when I say I don’t travel well.

Do you have any misadventures?  Share your tales in the comments.

it doesnt look like much, but the door has to be replaced

Writing prompt: The sky was aflame

Looking for some inspiration?   Sometimes that little bit of oomph you need for a scene is no further away than your back yard.  Be alert when you are out and about.  Keep your cell phone handy and snap pictures of things that stir up emotion in you.  It is likely that the photo will bring up those same feelings.  If you can pause and notice the smells and sounds that will make your writing even more vivid.

The sky was aflame. 


Is this a beautiful sunset?  Is it a natural or magical disaster? 

Should we run away or is this a chance for a romantic moment?


An amazing sunset from my back yard:  I think I was barbecuing one spring evening trying to finish dinner before the sun went down.  I had been staring east watching the sky darkening and keeping an eye on the meat, most likely.  I remember turning and thinking, I was to see this again.  

Feel free to add what you come up with in the comments.  Share a line or a few hundred words.  I want this to be a safe, encouraging place and will not allow nastiness.  (My house, my rules.)

Sharky's Bait


It’s Friday again!  This week’s new friend is Robert Sharkbait Pruneda!  He is writes horror.  It’s not normally my thing, but I am exploring the darker side of the art.   He has been a voice of reason and motivation on Twitter; he promotes and encourages fellow writers.  He knows how hard it can be to get started and stay motivated.  Definitely add these books to your bookshelf on GoodReads.  

What do you like to be called? I don’t write with a pen name, so I go by either Robert or Rob, but my friends also call me Sharky (short for Sharkbait). If you’d like to find out a little bit about the origin of my nickname, read this post here.

Is creating your day job or night fling? I wouldn’t quite call writing a full-time thing just yet, but over the past couple of years I’ve been focusing more of my time dedicated to building my writing career. I’d say it’s somewhere between full-time and part-time right now. When I’m not focused on writing and dealing with the business side of publishing, I do small business administrative support from home and moonlight at a local funeral home.


Banner Image (SharkbaitWrites)
get Sharky’s Devil’s Nightmare  and Premonitions* and Pursuit of a Dream*

In six or fewer sentences describe your daily routine? After dragging my butt out of bed and going through the regular “rise and shine” routine (which is usually around noon, since I’m a night owl), I typically start my day checking emails, catching up on news, and spending a little bit of time (okay, too much time) on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll then check off a few book marketing items before working on my current writing project until dinner time. If I’m not working at the funeral home or working on a small business administrative support project, I’ll spend the next couple of hours catching up on shows recorded on the DVR before firing up the computer for some more writing, research, or marketing for a couple of more hours. Then it’s time for video games or bing-watching Supernatural or other shows on Netflix until I hit the sack.

That’s a typical day, but then there are times where I’ll put in an all-nighter editing or working on other writing-related projects. Earlier this year, my publisher went belly-up, so I had to republish my two horror novels, thus throwing my normal schedule out the window and delaying a couple of other projects. Needless to say, regular routines are hard to keep sometimes.

Okay, that was a little more than six sentences. Sorry.

Where do you like to do your creating? Coffee shop, library, your sofa, bed? I do all of my writing from an old leather chair in the bedroom. I have my laptop connected to a 55-inch television, so I work with a wireless keyboard and mouse with my feet propped up on an ottoman.

What does you workspace look like? My workspace is in my bedroom. I’ve got a desk next to my bed where I used to do all of my writing, but ever since purchasing a laptop with an HDMI port, I now use my television as a monitor. So, I swing the leather office chair around and use a wireless keyboard and mouse. And if I need a quick power nap, I’ll either snooze right there on the chair or scoot the dog aside and hop onto the bed for a few Zs. I love being self-employed.

Do you prefer your first draft to be hand-written or digital? I do all of my writing digitally. I’ve tried writing longhand before, but I type a lot faster than I can write. Plus, my hands cramp up after writing with a pen and paper for too long.

• Do you have a favorite application? A year ago I would have said Microsoft Word was my favorite application, but over the past few months I’ve started using Scrivener on a more regular basis and absolutely love it! I’m currently hopping back and forth between the two programs, but I think by this time next year I’ll probably be doing all of my writing exclusively with Scrivener. It’s a very powerful piece of software that has greatly improved my organization and productivity as a writer. Best forty bucks I’ve spent in a long time.

Do you have any writing rituals? Does the house have to be clean? Meditation? Not really. I do like it to be quiet when I’m writing, though, with the exception of some soft instrumental music playing in the background. It’s one reason why I tend to do much of my writing in the evenings due to having less distractions. The dogs aren’t barking, the phone isn’t ringing, and the door-to-door salesmen aren’t trying to convince me to switch my home security system or electricity carrier for the umpteenth time. What part of “I’m happy with my current service” did you not understand? Would you like to buy one of my books? Seriously, I need to do that next time, just to throw them off.

• Tea or coffee? Or other artsy drink? I drink a lot of water, so it’s usually just H20 for me, but I’m slowly turning into a coffee junkie now that I have one of those single-serve Keurig K-Cup coffee makers. Dark Magic dark roast coffee is my favorite.

• Is procrastination a thing? I think I’ll answer this question after I brew myself a cup of coffee.

• What do you find yourself doing when it is? Probably playing video games, my favorite pastime and addiction.

• In Horror writing, is fear building a pain or pleasure? Ha! Definitely pleasure. Mwahahaha!

• What was the last thing you read? Did you enjoy it? I just finished reading Alien: Out of the Shadows by Tim Lebbon. It’s the first book in a trilogy set between the movies Alien and Aliens. I loved it! I’m currently reading Alien: Sea of Sorrows by James A. Moore.

• Do you prefer to read fiction or nonfiction for fun? I prefer fiction, but I also enjoy reading anything related to history, especially military history.

• What is your favorite genre? My favorite genre is horror, but I also enjoy reading fantasy, science fiction, and psychological thrillers.

• Have you ever creeped yourself out so much you have to leave the light on? Not yet, but now you’ve given me a challenge. I did get some chills up my spine when I was writing Devil’s Nightmare, only because there are parts of the story that are loosely based on actual things I experienced when I was a kid.

• What’s your favorite flavor of Skittle? I’m more of an M&Ms kind of guy, but if I had to choose, I’d probably say the grape or strawberry flavor.

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Scrivener: order from chaos

If you follow my twitterings, you have figured out I am a HUGE fan of Scrivener*.  Many people wonder why I don’t just use Word or something more mainstream.  It’s a long and emotional story.   The short story is that I lost 4 months of revision on Soulchaser (180K words).

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.45.15 PM
An outline of my manuscript

I was having some issue where Word stopped saving my changes in my documents.  After a lithe research, I determined that scrivener was the most versatile editor for my needs.   and used my discount from NaNoWriMo to buy Scrivener for Windows*.  The 3-4 hour tutorial was a bit intimidating, but I worked through it while still on the trial and fell deeply and passionately in love.  after some issues with windows 10 deciding to crap all over dropbox, I am using Scrivener 2 for OSX* on an ancient Mac.

Often, I am asked what Scrivener does that other word-processing applications can’t.  That’s a boggling question since I haven’t discovered its complete capabilities.

My favorite things:

  • Create summaries and outlines,  storyboarding, and organizing easily.
  • Make internal links within notes.
  • Special collections based on search criteria that won’t change the order of documents.
  • Almost infinite ways to organize your work.
  • Use meta data to sort to create collections.
  • It will render your ebook files, along with just about any file time you might want.

What I don’t like:

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.36.33 PMI have 4 major projects I am working on right now:  Soulchaser, Tempest, Waterloggedapp, and Wordcrafting.    For the blog, I am using a pretty simple  monthly template.  The books needed a bit more depth.

There are a lot of good templates out there, but my favorite so far is Belinda Crawford’s World Builder Leviathan.  I have tweaked it to give me a place for all the backstories and now I have a pretty detailed timeline leading up to the story.  I work on the timeline in Aeon Timeline.

Build what you need as the need arises.  If you cannot figure out how to compile something or organize it, the community around Scrivener is very supportive and helpful.

I recommend picking up the trial and setting a few hours aside to work through the tutorial.  Then come back here and let me know what you think.  If you love it as much as I do, please use my affiliate links on this page.

A Windows writer using Scrivener

A Mac writer using Scrivener


Buy Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X (Regular Licence)
Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)